Are You Looking for Perfection? – Have a Little Self Belief


Again it has been a while since the last blog post from the now infamous comedy duo Rudy & Moody…..and though their creator may be holed up at home after a not so nice spinal surgery, Rudy & Moody are forging ahead in the world and making quite a name for themselves over the water in the good old USA.

Since my last post Rudy & Moody have ventured into a few more unique designs and have sky rocketed their online merchandise product numbers to well over 1200….an impressive feet for farm animals with hooves!!!

The more gifts that sell and positive comments that emerge from the Zazzle Store the more in awe I am of my little graphic design creation of a couple of basic farm animals from the depths of my imagination.

The road less traveled dream of so many months ago to start a greeting card line and enter the cards into shops across the UK seems a distant memory as the road forked off into unknown territories and the online community of POD (print on demand) started to call Rudy & Moody’s names, after all, the pull of zero start up costs because I supply the designs and some else makes and prints the product (much lower commission…but much lower hassle also!!). At the time it seemed like the dream was too big to match the reality and every avenue came with some form of dead end, but in sitting back and looking at the bigger picture, the road opened up to such a vast opportunity that Rudy & Moody got swept along on their own momentum.

And of course I once again need to thank my loyal readers who, with their positive comments and kind words have given me the much needed boost on times to show that Rudy & Moody can make it to the big time with a little more self belief xxx

So anyway…that’s enough of my rambling on and I will make a concerted effort to blog a little more, which will obviously mean sleeping a little less….given that my insomniac state of post-operative mind has me bed bound and laptop happy for 20 hours a day!!!

Some goodies below for you to enjoy (and take a look at the wonderful new store layout) from the new Zazzle range just launched…….the Rudy & Moody Christmas Calendar is going down a storm in Brazil for some reason!!!



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  1. Hi Cath, Ah, at last I know your name.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Zazzle.
    You’ve provided food for thought with respects to my designs as well.
    And thank you so much for following my blog.
    I wish you all the best with Rudy and Moody. There are wonderful characters! 🙂

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